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You Are Not Alone

​​​​J E A N N E   F O S S   S W A I N E,   M F A,   L M F T


​Psychotherapy to Kindle the Soul

Some of our greatest life blocks come out of a deep sense of isolation.  

When we believe we are alone in our emotional experiences (such as grief, depression, anger, insecurity, etc.) it can deepen the sense of separateness, shame and inadequacy that so many of us carry around.  This can block us from living fully and at ease in the wide-ranging experience that is being human.  

Sharing and experiencing these very real parts of ourselves in a consciously facilitated group can provide a wonderful opportunity for people to feel seen and accompanied in their struggles within a safe and contained environment.

I offer groups for women struggling with shame and self esteem as a result of intimidation and bullying, as well as for women struggling with fertility and loss of genetic parentage. 

Check out my Pre-Mother's Day Group for Women without Children.