Your child's most direct pathway to healing is symbolic play

Children have feelings of all sorts. But because their brains are still developing, they don’t have the verbal or cognitive ability to explain their feelings, which can leave them frustrated, isolated, and often misunderstood.

However, they are experts at play and tell us most about themselves through this powerful medium of symbols and creativity. Using mindfulness, attunement, and different modalities in play therapy, I help children recover from various life struggles, traumas and sensitivities.  

I know it pains you to see your child struggle the way he or she does. And I realize it can be vulnerable to seek outside support for your child’s recovery from these struggles.

While there is a lot of pressure to be a "perfect" parent and to do it independently these days, it’s a tall order. You shouldn’t have to figure it out all on your own.  

I can help by providing your child with that concentrated attention that is difficult to sustain for extended periods of time as a busy parent. I am trained in identifying what children express through play that we adults would express in words.

I also work with parents by providing support through individual or couples work centered on personal, relational, or child-rearing challenges.

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