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A wonderful living side by side can grow, if we succeed in loving the distance between us which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky”  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

At the core of all relational conflict lies the deep longing to love, and be loved. 

Whether you are looking for help moving through a difficult patch with one another, looking to deepen your bond with each other, or looking for facilitation and guidance in the painful process of separation, couples counseling is the right step.  I assist couples through all sorts situations, and specialize in helping couples better cope with fertility struggles.

Developing a strong and safe foundation in your intimate relationship is one of the most important steps to healing past and current wounds and feeling more secure in the world as individuals.  

It is inevitable for our deepest fears and past hurts to rise to the surface with our intimate partner. All the old patterns established with the first most important people in our lives (parents, guardians, siblings, teachers) become alive again in romantic relationships. I see this as an opportunity to heal and navigate through a familiar experience differently, helping you to trust again. 

Using attachment theory, arousal regulation techniques, and recent studies in neuroscience, I help couples, siblings, or members of parent-child dyads gain awareness of each other's attachment styles and vulnerabilities to help them better resolve conflict and reactivity. 

In the context of family and child therapy, establishing a safe and strong foundation in your couple is also one of the most important steps in helping your children feel more at ease. As the adults in the household, children look up to you for guidance, both directly and indirectly. Since they are highly sensitive and intuitive, children can often involuntarily begin to carry their parents’ emotional struggle as their own. This is not your fault.  It is just the nature of your child’s deep connection to you that makes it so. However, it helps them greatly when you are willing to receive support so as to be better able to support your child.

As your couples therapist, I can help you both slow down a bit so that you may better understand the cycles and patterns that you are caught in and gain some agency in freeing yourselves from them.

I work with couples of all sexual orientations.