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​​​​​J E A N N E   F O S S   S W A I N E,   M F A,   L M F T

​Psychotherapy to Kindle the Soul

Every step in one’s life provides a meaningful pathway to the next

A B O U T  J E A N N E

(Pronounced "Shjaan", the French way)

My own travels, heartbreaks, and personal victories have led me on this path of deep listening. I understand how navigating through pain and hardship can lead to greater compassion for the human condition and ultimately bring about a more fulfilling connection to self and others. I see being able to accompany others through this meaningful process as a true privilege and hold this work with great care.  

Born and raised in alpine France through age ten, and shaped as a teen and adult by my family's immigration to New York City, I have maintained a deep respect for cultural difference and for the sensitivities that come as a result of one's uprooting. My quest for balance and a natural interest in the mysteries of the psyche have lead me to years of art-making, songwriting, insight meditation, and therapy. 

My skills as a therapist are ever unfolding. I strive to deepen and refine them on an ongoing basis through professional trainings, consultation and self inquiry. I am trained to work in a client-centered way with an emphasis on depth psychotherapy. In simpler terms, this means that I honor your process and let it guide the skills and trainings that I draw from, while also bringing an awareness that problems are best addressed when tended at the roots.  

I am currently working towards being certified as a Jungian Sandplay Therapist, and a PACT couples therapist.  I have an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, and an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Both inform my work as a psychotherapist in an intrinsic way.  

​I offer a warm, honest, and collaborative space for emotional, spiritual and creative unfolding. My understanding of the word "spiritual" is broad and includes the self's journey into wholeness regardless of the path taken to get there. I bring an open mind and a deep faith in basic human goodness to my work as a therapist.