As most of our wounds happen in relationship, so we heal most deeply in relationship  

​Psychotherapy to Kindle the Soul

From infancy into adulthood, relationships have a powerful impact on our sense of wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. Maybe you were hurt in your family relationships as a child, or maybe you are struggling in current relationship to a loved one, or to people in your workplace. Either way, it is my job as your therapist to provide a safe enough space for you to explore these struggles in hopes to recover from them.   


In my work, I strive to cultivate this opportunity for healing in relationship by attuning to you with an engaged presence, acceptance and mindful attention that can be rare outside of the contained, protected space of psychotherapy.  

​​​While I am interested in helping clients uncover and heal the parts of themselves that have been squashed or carefully guarded as a result of fear, hurt or trauma, I also have a profound respect for the defenses that came to be. I trust the pace at which your heart and soul choose to reveal themselves to you and your process with me.

My work is fundamentally client-centered and supported by a balance of mindfulness and the latest research in attachment theory and neuroscience. I draw from a broad range of modalities depending on clients' interests and needs.  

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