​​​​​​J E A N N E   F O S S   S W A I N E,   M F A,   L M F T

Due to COVID-19, I am currently offering therapy strictly through telehealth (video or telephone).  I will resume in-office sessions when social distancing is no longer required  


My approach is warm, honest, and collaborative. I aim to create an environment in which to explore what has not felt safe to explore before. 

​I am completely fluent in English and French and offer therapy in both languages. 

I am licensed in the states of Washington and California.​  


​​​​​​​Although you are strong, you don't have to do this alone


​Psychotherapy to Kindle the Soul

​​​Let's Connect​​


​​Life can be hard at times. Whether you, your child, or your relationship is struggling, I can accompany you.​​

I provide Individual Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling with an honest, engaged, and compassionate approach. In my years doing this work, I've addressed a wide variety of issues including griefdepressionanxiety, relationships, self esteem, traumafertility struggles, and motherhood to name a few. I am continually amazed by our natural ability to heal and flourish given the right kind of attention and presence. 

My areas of expertise include fostering self-acceptance and secure attachment, recovery from group or family shaming, intimidation and scapegoating, and fertility hurdles and motherhood. I'm interested in how reversed parent-child dynamics (in which the young child or adult child takes on the role of parent) can relate to depression, anxiety, low self esteem, and interruptions in important milestones (such as the development of an individual sense of self, authentic expression, satisfying relationships, and building a family of one's own). 

With the above interests in mind, I have sat with women and men yearning to reclaim a sense of wholeness and authenticity; persons feeling stuck creatively; couples seeking to better understand their attachment dance; individuals navigating infertility; adult children of narcissistic or alcoholic parenting; ​and children who've been bullied or have resorted to bullying behavior.